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Bird family members are capable to transform their moods like any human being.

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When the rabbit, teddy bear, cat and monkey scamper in the kitchen, it becomes much more fun being a child at the dinner table. The animals shaped cutlery is child friendly with rounded corners and edges.

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Design 2010, Jørgen Møller for Georg Jensen. Moneyphant in stainless steel.

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Alfredo Häberli design for Georg Jensen. Small Elepahnt made of oak which will fit like a puzzle into the Moneyphant money box.

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Designed by HAY. The Pinocchio rug is handmade in Nepal, where every single ball is felted by hand and afterwards put on a string like pearls.

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Kay Bojensen design.

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Designer: Kay Bojesen. Wooden Bear figurine in natural oak.

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Owl in massive oak.

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Duck hand made in teak designed by Hans bolling in 1959?

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Goose hand sculptured in wood made in sweden.

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Small wooden horse, design Kay Bojesen.

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Verner Panton Design, 1971 Panthella mini table lamp, is a new version of the classic Panthella, its diameter is 25 cm, with a new finish in a wide range of metalic Poppish shades directly drawn from the specter Verner Panton had selected.The Panthella table lamp diffuses a soft and pleasant light, directed mainly downwards. Its smooth appearance...

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