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The Royal Royal Porcelaine Manufactory was founded in 1775 by the chemist Frantz Heinrich Muller, initially the factory restores and repairs the dishes of
the Royal family.
The manufacturer is also inspired by the exported china tableware and its blue painted decorations, which were very popular at the time, since the blue hand-painted decorations have become the trademark of Royal Copenhagen. of his services. The manufacturer uses a cobalt blue, the purest blue, called cobalt zinc silicate, it allows to obtain very subtle shades of blue used especially for decorations his classic, the range "Blue flutted". Cups, bowls, jugs, plates ... In all more than 2000 different models have been created and transmitted from generation to generation and have been integrated into the cultural heritage of Denmark.
Royal Copenhagen also offers its range of luxury porcelain Flora Danica, decorated with sumptuous and delicate motifs. The painted sets are all executed by painters of excellence.

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