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Aage Petersen was a Danish sculptor and designer. After training as a sculptor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, he created a large number of naturalistic works of art, including his most famous sculpture, the Faske Monument, in 1933. He also designed many table and floor lamps, in particular for the Danish society Le Klint.

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Aage Petersen design, 1970. The Klint table lamp is a functional lamp with a classic design. Its black stand accented with brass details gives it a timeless appeal, and allows it to blend into any type of environment. Its white pleated shade lets out a soft beam. Can be placed on an entrance, bedside or living room table.

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Aage Petersen design, 1946. The Klint floor lamps are both functional and elegant, with a classic design. More than just lamps they are also strong design elements in their own right. Klint 339 and Klint 351 adapt to every design wish, even though they were primarily created for living room lighting.

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Aage Petersen design, 1946. The Klint 349 floor lamp is a functional and elegant lamp with a classic design. The transverse piece is adjustable both lengthwise and vertically for high-quality reading light.

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