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The Swedish company Gense was founded in 1856 by Gustaf Eriksson in Eskilstuna. In the early days when it specialized in the manufacture of tiled oven doors, it was with the arrival of Gustaff's son that its production extended to cutlery and plates made of silver metal.
With a long tradition of craftsmanship, sense of detail and impeccable quality, the Gense cutlery has passed down from generation to generation and the company has become one of Europe's leading cutlers. A renown also acquired thanks to its many collaborations with exceptional designers.
Holder of the Royal Warrent awarded by the King and Queen, the company is one of the recognized ambassadors of Sweden, its crafts and industry.
Gense offers a collection of 27 models of silver cutlery and splendid pieces of Corpus.

75,00 €

When the rabbit, teddy bear, cat and monkey scamper in the kitchen, it becomes much more fun being a child at the dinner table. The animals shaped cutlery is child friendly with rounded corners and edges.

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35,00 €

Design, Knut Almström 1932Complete ranges of plates and bowl in porcelain.

Sous 15 jours
40,00 €

Design by Knut Almström, 1932.Made in Porcelain

Sous 15 jours
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