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Bruno Mathsson – Swedish and internationally recognized designer and architect. He was an advocate of simplicity, beauty and elegance in form, which also applied to the furniture he designed. Mathsson's furniture was innovative in technique as well as design, his production methods included the bending of laminated wood. Although his designs are from the 30s and 40s, his furniture is among the classic furniture of our time. In Denmark he designed the PH Superellipse Table Series in cooperation with Danish designer Piet Hein in 1968.

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Bruno Mathsson design, 1936. Annika coffee table in beech and laminated veneer (plate).

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Laminated chair, with or without armrest, in birch (low based seat, short legs) and beech (high based seat). The seat is made of plaited linen webbing.

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Laminated chair in birch (seat) and beech (legs). The seat is stretched in strips of linen, headrest in feathers and fabric.

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Chair in laminated beech. The seat is in strips of stretched linen, equipped with headrest in feathers and fabric or leather.

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Daybed with frame of bentlaminated beech and plaited webbing.

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