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Per Lütken (1916 – 1998) is a famous Danish glassmaker, well-known for his collaboration with the Holmegaard Glass Factory. He worked for the Holmegaard company for over 50 years and designed over 3000 products. Some of his most famous pieces are the NO.5, Ideelle and Skibglas series.

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Designer: Per LutkenModels avaible: snaps 3cl, snaps with stalk 3cl, port 14cl, water/white wine 19cl, brandy 22cl, champagne 23cl, beer 25cl, red wine 28cl, beer with stalk 36cl

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Designer: Per lutken, 1970Models avaible: snaps 5cl, water 14cl, whiskey 24cl, beer 30cl, whiskey glass 33cl

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Designer: Per Lutken, 1970. Skibglas glasses.Models available: snaps 3cl, port glass 11cl, white wine 17cl, red wine 25cl, beer 34cl

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