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Jaime Hayon candlestick born from the collaboration between the Danish editor Fritz Hansen and the Spanish designer Jaime Hawen will bring a warm and elegant tuch to your interior.

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Design Jaime Hayon, 2011. The Favn sofa has an original and elegant design embodied by voluptuous curves.

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The Ro foot stool is associated to the Ro easy chair,  its seat is made of poluyrethan foam and its design is curved and elegant.

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The Ro lounge chair has a high backseat. Its flowing and poetic design brings an indisputable charm and the cushions are made of polyurethan molded  foam for the highest comfort.

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The lune modularsofa is born from a new collaboration entre the Spanish designer Jaime Hayon and the danish editor Fritz Hansen, it allies fonctional and refined design with a curved and feminin line, a creation thinked to be harmonious from any angle.

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The Fri easy chair has a high comfort for its seat wich is made of poluyrethan foam and the backseat is reinforced, that gives an elegant, graceful and welcoming design.

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The shell consists of molded polyurethane foam with a metal frame and glass fiber reinforcements. Covered in cold cured foam, and finally, leather or textile upholstery, the shell offers comfort alongside great variability.

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