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Designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1993. Trinidad bar stool in moulded wood.

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Design Finn Juhl, 1956In 1956, Finn Juhl designed the TurningTray. Today the original trays are on display at Finn Juhl's house in Charlottenlund, Denmark, now a museum.

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Timo Sarpaneva design for Iittala, 1960. Enameled stewpot in massive iron.Dimensions: 3,0 L. Diam. 21,5 cm.

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Like the butcher’s chopping block, Skagerak Denmark’s teak chopping boards are made of solid cross-cut wooden blocks. In addition to an elegant, slightly rustic appearance, this cross-cut feature increases their durability and reduces the wear on the knife.

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Dania stool enables people of all ages to get what they’re reaching for throughout the home by providing that little extra boost. The stool is safe to use and beautifully designed

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The Fionia Tray is a true classic. It was actually the first gift item produced by Skagerak Denmark and is now an icon of classic Danish design. The tray is a common feature of many Danish homes and makes a perfect gift.

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The Nordic bowl by VE2 is made using simple organic shapes for a warm, stylistically consistent whole.

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The Nordic Salad Servers are made using simple organic shapes for a warm, stylistically consistent whole.

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Hans J. Wegner design for Carl Hansen, 1985/2005. The perfect bar stool for modern interiors with open plan kitchens or other open spaces. Why not invite your guests to sit down and enjoy a chat over a drink while you are busy in the kitchen? Its upholstered seat makes it extremely comfortable.

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Alvar Aalto design for Artek, 1935. Chair with 4 legs.

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The Pirkka bar stool by Ilmari Tapiovaara combines a rustic inspiration and work of innovative structure, which give it the lightness of iconic furniture of the 50s.

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