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The "Double Low Boy" sideboard is a classic piece of furniture, embodying Scandinavian design of the mid-century period. Large and sturdy, it provides a sufficient storage space.

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This is the three-legged version of the ferry chair. Excellent comfort, practical and with a strength and durability to outlast daily use for generations.

8 to 12 weeks
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Table lamp Milk NA1 exists with natural ash legs with wire white or black fabric or black stained ash with a black wire cloth

2 to 4 weeks
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The pendant PH 3 1/2 - 3 designed in 1929 by Poul Henningsen is a part of the very beautiful lamps of the "PH" family (initial of the designer) with a multi-part stretched steel shade which created a direct lighting to focus on an object or a surface and which can be used in any kind of spaces to be enlighted. (kitchen, room, dining room ..) Available in...

10 to 15 days
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The shade of the floor lamp radon is adjustable in all directions.

2 to 4 weeks
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The pendant orient is made in copper and palissander.

2 to 4 weeks
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Shelves removable unit Montana for office use,  or multi-purpose space... Made of wooden Medium painted, it makes a very strong piece of furniture which can come among 40 colors with numerous possibilities.

6 to 8 weeks
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This TV console 105 cms wide allows to hide all the electronic devices when one do not use them thanks to its foldaway door. Favor, this one realized aluminum drilled allows the use of the electronic elements remote controls, carries(wears) closed. Available in 40 colors!

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Stretchable system of shelves at the same time horizontally and vertically. Choose the right modules you need to built up your personnal shelf system !

4 to 6 weeks
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Mia Hamborg design, 2010 Building furniture is child’s play with the Shuffle side table, inspired by the traditional wooden Scandinavian games from times gone by. Shuffle can be used either as a bedside table, or as a small table for a living room, child’s bedroom or playroom.

2 - 4 weeks
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Poul Henningsen design, Louis Poulsen collection. The P Hat, or PH Champignon wall lamp creates a pleasant, warm and relaxing atmosphere, and will therefore naturally find its place in a bedroom. It is also appreciated in living rooms, hallways and lounge areas for its soft, ambient lighting.

Sous 10 à 15 jours
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Arne Jacobsen design for Louis Poulsen. The AJ wall lamp’s bright and direct light can be used for reading when placed above a bed or sofa, or for the precise and controlled illumination of worktops, tables and desks. By playing with the angle, it is also possible to turn it into a spotlight which will lighten up paintings or sculptures. Available in 8...

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Verner Panton design, for Louis Poulsen. The Panthella table lamp diffuses soft and pleasant light, directed mainly downwards. Its organic and smooth appearance contributes to creating a relaxing and homely atmosphere wherever it is placed, in a living room, for reading, or in an office or bedroom as ambient lighting. Panthella also exists as a floor lamp.

Sous 10 à 15 jours
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Seppo Koho design. Designed in wood and entirely handcrafted, the Secto or 4220 table lamp will embellish any interior with a contemporary or classic design. Placed on a table or chest of drawers, it will provide pleasant area lighting. The light diffused is soft and comfortable.

Sous 2 à 4 semaines
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Seppo Koho design, 2009. Designed in wood and entirely handcrafted, the Atto or 5000 pendant will embellish any interior with a contemporary style. It can be placed above a dining or living room table to create a serene and soothing atmosphere, perfect for relaxing. The light is softened for extra visual comfort.

Sous 2 à 4 semaines
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Seppo Koho design. Designed in wood and entirely handcrafted, the Puncto or 4302 pendants will embellish any interior with a contemporary style. Primarily designed for rooms with low ceilings, the Puncto pendants can easily be placed, alone or in a pair, above dining room or living room tables. They diffuse dim, softened light for extra visual comfort.

Sous 2 à 4 semaines
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Poul Christiansen design, 1971. The Klint 172 pendant’s beautiful feminine shape, delicate curves and large size constantly make it the center of attention. Available in various sizes, it is suitable for all sorts of design solutions. It can, for instance, be placed over a dining room table, or used for the general lighting of any room.

Sous 15 jours
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Erik Hansen design, 1952. The Le Klint wall lamp is an elegant and functional wall lamp, with a classic, timeless design. It was made to be placed over a bed or in a living room as a reading lamp, but is also suitable for the high-quality ambient lighting of any type of environment.

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Design, 1953. The Valet Chair is about the problems in folding clothes in the most practical manner at bedtime. Unites function with a playful sculptural design. The top rail is shaped as a coat hanger while the seat is basically a box for storing.

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Designer: Ritva PuotilaPaper yarn carpet with wide edging. Antistatic, suitable for persons with allergies.

From 6 to 8 weeks
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Poul Henningsen design, by Louis Poulsen PH 80 floor lamp. The red tint of the top diffusor gives the light a warm and welcoming glow, perfect for lightening up dining rooms or sitting areas, where it can also be used as a reading lamp. Its soft light makes it particularly appreciated in bedrooms.

10 - 15 days
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The elegant stool can be used throughout the home as a footstool, side table, bedside table, and much more besides.

within 2 to 4 weeks
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The Cutter bench by Niels Hvass has countless possible uses. It can grace the façade of your house or a corner of the garden, provide a place to sit down or a surface to put things on in the hall or bathroom.

within 2 to 4 weeks
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Jean-Marie Massaud design. This elegant desk lamp, with its minimalist design, produces soft, glare-free light, prefect for focusing on work, or reading. The angle of the light is adjustable thanks to its magnetic base, which allows for optimal lighting in every situation.

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Olli pillow by Saana Sipilä and Olli Sallinen. 100% European hemp fabric

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Alvar Aalto design for Artek, 1933. The simple form of the Stool 60 stools may be well-known around the world, but few people remember its creator. The patented L-shaped legs were developed in 1932 by Alvar Aalto and make the stools extremely light and space-saving. Easy to stack, Stool 60 is great for small spaces. Available in different colors or with a...

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Alvar Aalto design for Artek, 1936. Screen 100 is a panel wood room divider with a natural design, which will blend into any type of décor. The screen is suitable for occasional use or for permanently sectioning off part of a room. Ideal for curving around a sofa-bed in a living room, or for defining an office area in a bedroom.  

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Bench 153 by Alvar Aalto, in solid wood and birch veneer has Artek's famous L-shaped legs.

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Day Bed 710 by Alvar Aalto has Artek's famous L-shaped legs. The frame is in natural lacquered solid birch, and the slat base in solid birch.

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