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For over seventy years, the luminaire manufacturer Louis Poulsen has collaborated with architects and designers from around to world, to create innovative lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor use. The Louis Poulsen collection includes the famous Artichoke, PH 50 and Snowball pendants by Poul Henningsen, the collection of AJ lamps by Arne Jacobsen, as well as the Enigma pendants by Shoichi Uchiyama. Louis Poulsen’s philosophy can today be summed up in three words: functionality, comfort and atmosphere.

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Design GameFratesi, 2017.Designed by the duo Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, also called as GameFratesi, the Yuh wall lamp pays homage to Louis Poulsen's philosophy that design must shape light. Its anti-glare lighting is directed downwards and its lampshade can be tilted to optimize the distribution of light.

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Design by KiBiSi for Louis Poulsen, 2015. The Silverback wall lamp offers soft and pleasant lighting. The metallic surface at the back creates a mirror effect, reflecting the environment.

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Design by Mads Odgård for Louis Poulsen, 2017.The Above suspension is designed by as a graphic triangle with an arc-shaped opening, to which the name refers. Its light is soft and pleasant.

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Design by KiBiSi for Louis Poulsen, 2015.The Silverback pendant offers a soft and pleasant lighting, mainly directed downwards. The rear reflects the environment. It was designed to give the impression that it floats in space.

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The Doo-wop pendant, also known as the Navy Pendant, was initially designed in the 1950s for the Danish Navy’s buildings. It is now re-entering the market with new colors and is also available in a brass edition. The Doo-wop pendant spreads a soft and diffuse light, directed both upwards and downwards, and will brighten up any room in the house.

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Louis Poulsen design. With its simple, timeless style, the Toldbod 120 pendant provides a clear and comfortable source of light  when hung over low tables, worktops, or desks, highlights the main focal points of any room or adds a touch of color to an understated decor, subtly bringing character to even the plainest of rooms.

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