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Georg Jensen danish company was Founded in 1904. Georg Jensen design was inspired by the Art nouveau and by nature and its elements, though his jewels are distinctive, they are created with scandinavian spirit, the design is strong and functional and the lines are beautiful and timeless.

The jelewery was made of silver wich included rings, broches, earings, hat pins and pendant wich new success almost immediatly and through the years. This, thanks to the support Georg Jensen gave to other talentend designers due to his intuition and his artistic skills, and from their collaboration.

Over the years Georg Jensen company associated with more than 90 designers including Maria Berntsen, Gundorph Albertus, Sigvard Bernadotte, Arne Jacobsen and Henning Koppel.

Georg Jensen company enlarged its collection and production since then and now offers a selection of kitchen accessories and decorative elements such as bowls, cutlery, teapots and candleholders.
The Collaboration beteween Henning Koppel and Georg Jensen gave birth to a serie of items with a strong comercial success : The famous Koppel pitcher, the Caravel and New York cutlery box or the HK cups.

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375,00 €

Moonlight Grapes bracelet in sterling silver, Georg Jensen 2016.

Within 15 days
675,00 €

Aria sautoir in sterling silver and black onyx, Georg Jensen 2015.

Within 15 days
195,00 €

Dew Drop earrings in sterling silver. Design Vivianna T. Bülow-Hübe for Georg Jensen.

Within 15 days
1 770,00 €

Design Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe for Georg Jensen. Necklace in sterling silver and a prasiolite pendant with diamonds.

Within 15 days
350,00 €

Marcia earrings in streling silver, design inspired by Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe.

Within 15 days
79,00 €

Sigvard Bernadotte design for Georg Jensen, 1939

15 days
215,00 €

Design Helle Damkjaer for Georg Jensen. Indulgence champagne cooler in stainless steel.

In 15 days
65,00 €

Design Philip Bro Ludvigsen for Georg Jensen. Legacy Heart Bonbonniere in chromium-plated zinc-alloy.

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45,00 €

Design Alfredo Häberli for Georg Jensen. Alfred salad servers made in oak wood and stainless steel.

In 15 days
205,00 €

Design Patricia Urquiola for Georg Jensen. Urkiola pitcher made of mirror polished stainless steel, PVD coating.

In 15 days
135,00 €

Design Sebastian Holmbäck & Ulrik Nordentoft for Georg Jensen. Vase Cafu made of 24-carat gold plated stainless steel.

In 15 days
79,00 €

Design Henning Koppel for Georg Jensen. Hk Bonbonniere Onion in stainless steel and oak wood.

In 15 days
79,00 €

Design Henning Koppel for Georg Jensen. HK candleholders are made of mirror polished stainless steel.

In 15 days
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