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Verner Panton design, 1960. Full moon, new moon or first quarter, the choice is yours with Verner Panton’s moon lamp, inspired by the stars. Create magical light and shade effects, in any room of the house: bedroom, living room or dining room. Available in two sizes for extra flexibility.

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Verner Panton design, 1977. The onion lamp combines quality of light and originality of the structure. It can be placed on the floor, in a staircase or on a table for soft, dimmed lighting. The indirect lighting, diffused between the strips, is harmonious and brings a sense of lightness to the room.

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Verner Panton design, 1969. The Panto lamp by Verner Panton is an original pendant with a futuristic design. Available in two sizes, it can be placed over a dining room table or counter, for targeted lighting. The lamp with its unique, timeless design, will definitely attract attention, whether on or off.

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Verner Panton design, 1969. The VP Globe lamp by Verner Panton, is an original pendant, with a futuristic design. Available in two sizes and with two finishes, it can just as well be used for dining room table or desk lighting, or be placed in the corner of a room for high-quality decorative lighting. Its long black fabric cable makes it ideal for use in...

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The Wire table lamp has the shape of a classic light bulb, as a nod from its creator wih a prolific imagination, outright master of the color, the danish designer Verner Panton.

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