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The Swedish glassworks manufacture Orrefors is founded in 1898, at the beginning it manufactures medical glass, but also domestic one. In 1913 the company changed ownership and took a new direction.
Orrefors started making crystal glasses and objects as well as art glass using a technique that allowed layers to be superimposed with decorations engraved in it. In order to perfect its line, she then began collaborating with artists Simon Gate and Edward Hal as well as the master glassmaker Knut Berqvist, who will develop the new innovative technique of grail glass. She achieved great success both at the Gothenburg exhibition in 1923 and at the Paris exhibition in 1925.
The beginnings of a long tradition of creative glass and many collaborations with great glass masters, who will explore new techniques at each decade, enriching the artistic inheritage of Orrefors.
The Orrefors glass, rich in experience, technical mastery and artistic variety, is artisanal and sophisticated, and no less than 15 people have contributed to its manufacture when it leaves the workshop.

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