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Niels Hvass, born in 1958, is a Danish designer. He greatly contributed to the revival of Danish design in the early 1990s and his simple and elegant designs have received many prestigious awards.

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The elegant stool can be used throughout the home as a footstool, side table, bedside table, and much more besides.

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The Cutter bench by Niels Hvass has countless possible uses. It can grace the façade of your house or a corner of the garden, provide a place to sit down or a surface to put things on in the hall or bathroom.

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Perfect for storing gloves, scarves, caps and bicycle lamps in the hall. Or toys in the nursery. The box is equipped with practical wheels so it fits perfectly under a Cutter Bench or stool.

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Despite its light appearance, the Cutter Wardrobe by Niels Hvass can hold considerable amounts of clothing. The Cutter Wardrobe is an all-in-one solution with hat shelf, hanger stand and hooks.

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The stringent design of the Cutter Coat Rack by Niels Hvass is perfect for rooms where layout or limited space prevents the use of the deep Cutter Wardrobe.

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The Cutter Mini-Wardrobe by Niels Hvass is a very stylistically pure collection of shelves that, despite its modest size, incorporates a hanger rail, four hooks and a hat shelf. A practical little Cutter Box for gloves and caps can be placed on the shelf.

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