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BDR Krüger was founded in 1886 by the two Krüger brothers in Copenhagen, Denmark,at first as a woodturning workshop. Since then the company has grown thanks to five generations that have been developing this passion for wood and giving a great importance to the quality of the materials, the cabinetmaking expertise and the craftsmanship.With a predilection for Scandinavian modernism still, Bdr Krüger has been able to inject new life into its production, to adapt it to contemporary audience and adjust it to her daily needs as well.
The company is collaborating with talented and recognized designers who can develop their creativity and produce original creations.BDR Krüger had the will to locate its showroom outside Copenhagen, surrounded by fields and forest. Its production is displayed in the in the most artisanal way possible, showing that industrial and sophisticated design are above all, born from a raw piece of natural wood.
The process of transformation communicated through the exhibition space perfectly reflects the company’s passion for wood.

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O & M Design, 2006 (by Takashi Okamura). Serving table or bar, solid stainless steel frame on wheels. Very elegant glass top 5mm thick or laminated wood.

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636,00 €

Design, Hans Bolling, 1963. Round table with frame in solid wood and laminated wood serving tray (removable), tray reversible in colors black and white, or red and black ect. On wheels.

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