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Kasthall is a Sweedish rug fabric founded in 1889 by Ludwig Andersson, a sweedish designer and entrepreneur, in a short time the company was producing rugs and curtains, it began to be known, thanks to their creative and original design and its high quality.
Famous sweedish textile designers such as Viola Grästen, Astrid Sampe and Ingrind Dessau
participated to enrich the DNA of Kasthall.
Since then Kasthall produces authentic and natural woven rugs, made of the finest materials, wool, linen or both combined, hardwearing materials wich last for a long time.
Kasthall is providing a large range of naturally dyed shades, and a large choice of textures (hand tuffed rugs or wooven rugs), they also have a very special feel.
All rugs can be customised on demand, their design can be High Tech or Old School but always adapted to the needs.
Kasthall is into continuity and authenticity, the manufacturing process is the same its founder had established, and always with the same high expertise and craftmanship.
The headquaters are still in the exact same place in Kinna, though Kasthall is now established in 30 countries.

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Designer: Gunilla lagerhem UllbergThe Greta collection is composed of wool carpets available in a dozen different colors, and which produce a beautiful color impression

8 to 10 weeks
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