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Nanna Ditzel an inspired designer

Posted By: Tania Hordum In: Category On: mercredi, août 29, 2018 Comment: 0 Hit: 6049

Nanna Dizel is one of Denmark's most famous and eclectic modernist designer, drawing her inspiration from nature,
producing an often organic design as well as architecture or everyday objects around her. Borrowing often their form and charasteristics, she reinterpreted them and gave them a new function.

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Posted By: Tania Hordum In: Category On: samedi, avril 21, 2018 Comment: 0 Hit: 6270

Rattan is very present in contemporary design , overwhelming and natural material respecting the ecosystem it is as well pliable and resistant, therefore it has been integrated by danish designers to their creation since a while. Between them, Poul Kjaerholm, Nanna Ditzel or Hans J. Wegner used it to create furnitures which are now between danish design icons.

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Poul Kjaerholm et Sam Francis at the Louisiana Museum concert hall.

Posted By: Tania Hordum In: Category On: mardi, janvier 30, 2018 Comment: 0 Hit: 6109

The renown danish designer Poul Kjaerholm and the american painter Sam frnacis, figure of the action painting movement, are successivily comissioned in 1976 and 1977 to partcipate at the architecture and decoration of the new concert hall of the Louisiana Modern Art Museum in Humlebaek, Danemark.

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Posted By: Tania Hordum In: Category On: vendredi, novembre 24, 2017 Comment: 0 Hit: 11491

The Sas Radisson Hotel was ordered to the danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen by the danish airlines Sas, hypermodern in its architecture and its precursor concept of an all design hotel, it allowed the designer to create ones of his most reknown pieces such as the Egg and Swan chairs.

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Finn Juhl's house , shapes and colors harmony.

Posted By: Tania Hordum In: Category On: mercredi, août 23, 2017 Comment: 0 Hit: 8125

The Finn Juhl's house concieved by himself in Charlottenlund near Copenhagen allies light, shapes , materials and colors in perfect harmony.

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Poul Kjaerholm : The PK 22 chair

Posted By: Tania Hordum In: Category On: mercredi, avril 19, 2017 Comment: 0 Hit: 6976

The designer Poul Kjarholm dedicated most of his work on working with bended steel plate, one of his most important creation is the PK 22 chair created in 1956, wich would ensure the recognition of the designer on the international scene.

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Piet Hein designer et kumbell poete

Posted By: Tania Hordum In: Category On: samedi, octobre 1, 2016 Comment: 0 Hit: 9383

Piet Hein was a danish designer, a prolific  genius of creation, he was recognised for his revolutionary creation born from a mathematical equation, the super ellipse, perfect combination between the rectangle and the circle,  wich inspired the supper Egg Serie.
In Danmark he is known as much for his design than he is for his Poetry work wich marked forever Danish culture and is know part of its inheritage.
Under the pseudonym Kumbell he wrote more than 7000 short aphoristic poems tainted of humour, irony and paradox.
They were born from the the imagination of Piet hein in the 30's but difused to a wider public as they were published under the danish occupation in the famous danish newspaper Politiken.

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