Nanna Ditzel an inspired designer

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Nanna Dizel is one of Denmark's most famous and eclectic modernist designer, drawing her inspiration from nature,
producing an often organic design as well as architecture or everyday objects around her. Borrowing often their form and charasteristics, she reinterpreted them and gave them a new function.

Nanna Ditzel comes from a bourgeois family living in the the suburbs of Copenhagen, she grows up with her 2 sisters who will also become creators, among them a stylist, on weekends they have passionate discussions about art and architecture are engaged in family in a good and serene atmosphere. She meets 3-year-old Jorgen Ditzel, her eldest at the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts, it's love at first sight, they will be collaborating and creating together for years knowing very soon success, and later open their own studio.

Nanna Ditzel, female icon of modernist Danish design, is a creative artist with a wide imagination. She draws her inspiration from objects as well as from the architecture or nature surrounding her, sometimes she has an idea wich she keeps in a very long time that and that will serve her later on.
like the one she will use for the Trinidad’s chairs, one of hier biggest commercial success.

Nanna is an artist with strong views, who claims her freedom of expression above all, everything is possible and allowed, but she knows a good design must remain functional and sustainable.

Thus is organized the creative process of the woman designer; at the beginning of the creation is always the idea, a good idea sometimes embodied by a sentence, then comes the conception of the shape and its path towards functionality (the possibilities, the materials, the technical aspects), in sum the intention and its analysis. Always thinking about the future user, the human.

Some examples of these inspirations and this process, through diverse and eclectic creations in the image of their creator:

The Trinidad chair


It is inspired by the many trips of the Danish designer to the Caribbean, especially in the country of the same name, a combination of palm leaves and their shadow cast by the sun on the facades of the colonial houses, as well as their balconies with delicate railings wrought iron openwork, whose frames are regular and repeated.

She will work on the transparency and the contrast by using the laminated wood wich is flexible and allows the seat a comfortable and organic curved shape, recalling the leaves of the palm tree, as well as to work on a precise cut of the pattern. Having at this time the appropriate tools and technical means to realize it.


The Basket chair


Created in 1950, it has a bowl-shaped shell placed on an elegant wooden structure.Inspired by the traditional Danish baskets, which has been associated with the organic, warm and very malleable material that allows to give it a perfect round shape, the rattan.Rattan is the material that will take a prominent place in the latest collaborations between Nanna and Jorgen DItzel and in their research years before his death. They will indeed conduct a series of experiments on woven rattan seats, the most spectacular is floating seat in the exact shape of an egg, the hanging egg. 

The Hallingdal fabric


In 1965 Nanna Ditzel is commissioned by the Danish fabric manufacturer Halling-Koch, with a rising celebrity and with whom she collaborates on several projects, to create a new pattern for a new fabric, the Hallingdal.This one is not based on a color chart with the precise system but on the designer's own sense of color, organized so that each shade is complementary to another.
Hallingdall is now one of the fabric Bestseller of the danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat.

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