Copenhagen Airport and the danish architecture

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During the last 75 years, Copenhagen Airport has maintaned the highest standards of quality in interior design and architecture.

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The idea that Copenhagen Airport should showcase Denmark's finest architecture and design is highly relevant today, yet it is a notion that dates back many decades. Commercial aviation evolved rapidly just before the outbreak of World War II, and in the late 1930s, Europe's airfields experienced a veritable building boom, with about 20 new airports popping up across the continent.

Today, Copenhagen Airport consists of a series of spaces, each one experienced differently. A new airport would never be built in such a manner, but Copenhagen Airport's history has given it a singular, intimate atmosphere that has become its hallmark. Skillful transformations of buildings and spaces are, after all, key elements of the Danish architectural tradition. "Building airports is costly, but the basic costs are the same for everyone. When you peel away five percent of a beautiful airport, it becomes ugly. So it is not more expensive to build a beautiful airport," says Niels Boserup, former CEO of Copenhagen Airport.

"The importance of using well-designed furniture cannot be overstated," says Boserup. "Using the right furniture is comparable to decorating with art. The furniture contributes just as much to a space as art and the investment is significantly smaller."


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