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The wishlist authorise you to create, manage and personalise your wedding list, birthlist or birthday list online.

Create your wishlist.

A new online application is available on la boutique danoise’s website. It allows you to create your own wishlist entirely personalised.

Wether you wish to create a wedding list, birthlist, or birthdaylist, manage your list and your selected items with safety helped by a serie of features allowing you to create this wishlist at your own image.
You can choose the options fitting with your needs and link them threw social networks as : Twitter, Facebook, google plus.. And associate your family’s or friends’s emails and set a password if you wish to limit the list access to your close relatives.

Costumise your

This costumisation authorise you to give your list a name, an adress, a date and a delivery adress, viewable by all or limited to certain persons, and also to publish a greeting message or receive some from your contributors.

You also have the option to introduce visuals from your choice, for exemple children drawings for a birthday list, photo testimony for a mariage and so on… With the ability to selectionate the sex of a child for a birthlist.
All theese elements are helping you to costumize it the best way. The list visibility when you decide it.

Manage your wishlist, your items and contributions in real time.

This application gives you the oportunity to choose a priority for each item you have selected in your wishlist (till 5 levels to determine the order of appearance) and to change this order at any moment,
To add or to withdraw items in it, to modify its quantity but as well as to see the list’s real time state, the items wich have recevied contributions, from whom and when, its quantity, and to directly greet your contributors by email link.

Links already created on the boutique danoise’s website to inspire you.

Lokking at Universe section wedding you shall find an advised selection of products made of glass, produced by Kosta Boda, Piet Hein, the iconic vase by A.Allto for Iittala or Royal Copenhagen dishes but also a selection of products for the home, like Georg Jensen’s candelabrum or Arne jacobsen tableware for Stelton.

In gifts Madame a selection of jewelery from creators Viavianna T. Büllow-Hübe, Regitze Overgaard and Allan Scharff for Georg Jensen as well as his own creations.
In gifts Mister Koppel watches for Georg Jensen, Stelton oil lamp or the wine decanter from A. citterio & Nguyen for Iittala, and so much more…

You shall also find ideas in Gifts child and some selected items by price.


The contributors shall easilly find the list by its creator’s name and is able to pay by secured payement.

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