List of products by brand CARL HANSEN & SØN

Founded in 1908, Carl Hansen company is specialised in danish top range furniture manufacturing.
The company became famous issuing the creations of the internationally recocognised danish designer Hans J. Wegner.

Other colaborations with the designers Ole Wanscher, Kaare Klint and Morgen Koch will give birth
to successful furnitures.

The collaboration between Carl Hansen and Hans J. Wegner started in 1949. Wegner worked in intimate colaboration with a craftmen team from the Hansen’s company.
He needed to adust his innovating creations to the mass industry using their craftmanship.

The first models were issued in 1950, between them the renown CH24 Wishbone chair.
From then on, a large range of furnitures have been produced, and a great number had an international success. Between them the CH25 or the Tripede armchair, The Colonial or CH33 chair, the Ellipse or the Wegner 388 table, as well as the L37 pendant light.

La boutique danoise is offering you a selection of beautiful tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas and pendant lights of the brand.


Ole Wanscher design by Carl Hansen, 1957. Great classic of Danish design, the Egyptian chair by Ole Wanscher is a beautiful work of art. Elegant and attractive, lightweight but very stable, it is suitable for all types of interiors and can be used as an extra stool or merely for decoration. Easy to move and to store, this foldable stool will delight owners of small spaces.


Hans J Wegner design, 1949 for Carl Hansen. The CH24 chair is simple and functional and is one of the most emblematic pieces of furniture of the 20th century. Inspired by the Chinese imperial style, under the Ming Dynasty, Wegner above all wanted to create a chair which would look beautiful under every angle. Perfect for a dining room or kitchen, but can also be used to embellish a bedroom.


Hans J. Wegner design by Carl Hansen, 1960. Beautiful dining room table which can also be used as a conference room table thanks to its optional extending leaves. The subtle mixture of wood and steel, typical of Wegner’s creations, brings a modern touch to the natural looking structure and its simple and elegant design allows it to blend into modern or traditional environments.