List of products by brand LE KLINT

THE KLINT lamps represent Scandinavian classic design with a strong knowledge of the light. The story of THE KLINT back to the early 20th century, when the first pleated shade was folded by Jensen-Klint, architect and engineering master. He did it to fit an oil lamp, which he also designed.

Kaare Klint, son of Jensen Klint, was a well known and respected architect and a designer and an accomplished craftsman. From the beginning, THE KLINT reaped the amazing talent of Kaare Klint. He created classics like LK 101 (a pendant known as "lamp fruits ") and LK 306 (a versatile table lamp on a table or attach to the wall). Both lamps are still among the best selling of the company.

The story of THE KLINT is not just the story of a society but reflects also the history of design and technology for over a century - a century in which THE KLINT has evolved into a real business of modern manufacturing, with strong grip on traditional crafts.


Biilmann Petersen design, 1948. The Klint 343 table lamp is a functional lamp with a classic design. Its stand in green or blue glass brings colour to the room, while its pleated shade lets out soft, diffuse light and creates a particularly serene atmosphere around it. Can be placed on entry tables, bedside tables, living room tables or desks.