List of products by brand PP MOBLER

Established in 1953, PP Møbler is a Danish family carpentry workshop. Marked by its strong tradition for handmade furniture of high quality design, the furniture has transcended over innovations and crafts time.

The brand has distinguished itself by developing more personalized projects and required often specially designed furniture to offer high quality handcrafted design.


Hans Wegner design, 1953. Designed to easily integrate into any environment, the Kayak bench by Hans Wegner looks just as beautiful in an entrance or corridor as it does in a waiting area. Simple and elegant, it’s the ideal bench for taking a short break between tasks, or the perfect place to leave documents or clothes before putting them away.


Hans J. Wegner design, 1950. The flag chair is a comfortable living room chair, which encourages relaxation. As unique as it is extravagant, the chair will quickly become the centerpiece of your living room, and like a true work of art will attract unlimited attention. Its stainless steel frame gives it an industrial look, perfect for modern interiors.


Hans J. Wegner design, 1947. The Peacock Chair mainly attracts attention because of its elegant backrest, reminiscent of a peacock’s feathers. The extravagant design is not only beautiful, but also makes the chair extremely comfortable, as it keeps the back perfectly straight. Its spacious seat and large armrests make it the ideal chair for reading, outdoors or indoors.


Hans J. Wegner design, 1949. Although designed as a comfortable dining room chair, the Icon chair is also frequently used as an office armchair. Its impeccable design not only provides strength and stability, but also makes it beautiful from every angle. Entirely made out of wood, the chair has a very natural look, which allows it to blend into any kind of interior, whether modern or classic.