List of products by brand WOODNOTES

Woodnotes is a Finnish design Company founded in 1987 by textile designer Ritva Puotila and her son Miko Puotila wich still own it.
 Woodnotes first material is paper yarn, and the company, leader in that field, made this choice for multiple reasons, first, the proprerties of the material the purpose beeing to use the paper to the greatest advantage of its own charasteristics.

Woodnotes gives thoughful attention to the environment, the paper yarn is a natural material composed by wood wich is an ecologically produced renewable ressource.
The paper yarn used by Woodnotes has been spun into a strong, resitant and long lasting paper this resulting from wood fibres, wich density allows no dust nor dirt, it can be recycled and burnt and therefore produce energy.
The paper yarn is shaped of with advanced techonlogies and transformed to contemporary lines in functional textiles, though its conception is associated with an important artistic creativity inspired by Finland’s rugged nature, the company collection renews and increases every year with new and relevant products.

Thanks to three other companies standing beside woodnotes, with an expertise at each level of production, woodnotes is able to dedicate entirely to conceptualizing and create products with unique aesthetic and to dedicate to the artistic vison of the company.
All woodnotes products reflect the spirit of Finnish design : simplicity, harmony and functionality from spun paper yarn to spun paper yarns panels, place-mats and table runners, cushion and upholstery.

Woodnotes products have recieved numbers of international recognitions such as Good design award (Japan), interior innovation award IMM (Cologne, Germany), design & decoration award (Great Britain).The carpets also feature in the design and architecture collection of the Museum of Modern Art (Moma)