La boutique danoise: authorized Louis Poulsen retailer

La boutique danoise partners with Louis Poulsen to offer you the finest quality Danish lamps, which designs are the result
of long and elaborate studies.

You will find a large selection of the leading products in our online store: Poul Henningsen’s Artichoke, PH 50 and Snowball
pendants for example, but also the collection of AJ lamps by Arne Jacobsen and the whole range of Enigma pendants by
Shiochi Uchiyama.
A large number of these Danish products are now considered works of art in their own right, not only because of their
design, but also thanks to their unique and exceptional way of dealing with light.

For over sixty years, Louis Poulsen has worked hand in hand with architects and designers throughout the world to
produce innovative lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor use.

All Louis Poulsen lamps are thoroughly tested in laboratories able to simulate various atmospheric conditions, from
heat waves to severe cold, in order to guarantee long life spans for all the products. The selection of materials and the
production process are closely controlled by highly qualified specialists.

The lighting company’s philosophy can be resumed in three words: functionality, comfort, and atmosphere.

In collaboration with the brand, the “la boutique danoise” store, situated 264 boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, exhibits
the whole range of Louis Poulsen lamps.


Toldbod 120
199,00€ TTC

PH 2/1 Applique 
657,00€ TTC

AJ Royal
712,00€ TTC

PH Pomme de Pin
6795,00€ TTC

PH Boule de neige
1849,00€ TTC

Enigma 545
939,00€ TTC

Lampe de table PH 3/2
811,00€ TTC

PH 50
612,00€ TTC

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