La boutique danoise,
authorized Carl Hansen & Son retailer

Founded in 1908, the Carl Hansen company, specialized in the production of high-quality Danish furniture, became famous by editing the designer and business man Hans Wegner’s creations. Further collaborations with designers such as Ole Wanscher, Kaare Klint and Mogens Koch also gave birth to highly successful products. La boutique danoise offers a selection of their best tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas and pendants.

The collaboration between Carl Hansen and Hans Wegner started in 1949. Wegner worked closely with the team of craftsmen from the Hansen factory, to adapt his innovative creation to mass production, while heavily relying on their traditional know-how.

The first models, which include the famous CH24 Wishbone chair, were introduced in 1950. Since then, a whole range of high-quality furniture has been produced, and most have met international success. These include the CH25 and Tripede armchairs, the Colonial and CH33 chairs, the Ellipse and Wegner 388 tables, as well as the L37 pendant.

In collaboration with the brand, the “la boutique danoise store”, situated 264 boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, exhibits a selection of their favorite Carl Hansen products.




Wishbone chair

CH25 Armchair

Tripede Armchair

Colonial Chair

Ellipse B Table

CH100 Sofa

CH160 Sofa

CH327 Table


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