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Established in 1742 by Anders Koskull and Georg Bogislaus Stael von Holstei, Kosta Boda is the oldest glassworks in Sweden. It is part of the Orrefors Kosta Boda AB group, specialized in Scandinavian glass art, and brings together the crystal manufacturing sites of the villages of Orrefors, Kosta, Boda and Äfors.

Kosta Boda offers high quality glass objects, either functional tableware including plates, salad bowls, pitchers and drinking glasses, or purely artistic objects such as a series of tealights and decorative vases.

If Kosta Boda has managed to distinguish itself from its many competitors, it is primarily because it employs its own designers, often the greatest contemporary artists around. These include Anna Ehrner and her beautiful Contrast salad bowl in thick blown glass, as well as the colorful Atoll tealightsUlrica Hydman-Vallien with her Mine salad bowls and Glasses with their irregular designs, Bertil Vallien and his elegant glasses and Göran Wärff with his vases and bowl boasting intriguing colors.

In collaboration with the brand, the La Boutique Danoise store, situated 264 boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, exposes a selection of Kosta Boda’s most beautiful creations.




Mine Glasses

Saladier Contrast

Primavera Bowl

Snowball Tealight

Green Corfu Pitcher

Open Minds Vase

Atoll Tealight

Party Plate


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