La boutique danoise,
authorized Royal Copenhagen retailer

Founded in Copenhagen in 1775 by the chemist Frantz Heinrich Müller, under the protection of Queen Juliane Marie, Royal Copenhagen is one of the oldest porcelain manufacturers in Europe.

The company is known throughout the world for its classic blue and white designs, heavily inspired by the porcelain imported from China during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Other more modern and innovative ranges, including plates, cups, bowls, teapots and jugs are regularly produced and are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary homes. These include the well-loved Element Plates by Louise Campbell.

The most famous Royal Copenhagen creations are without a doubt the Flora Danica, Blue Fluted, Blue Flower, Henriette, Saxon Flower, Fan, Gemina and Gemma collections.

Royal Copenhagen now relies more than ever on the values of traditional craftsmanship, and continues to produce objects of exceptional quality. Each piece is entirely handcrafted and hand-painted, and carries a personal touch added by the craftsman, making it unique.

In collaboration with the brand, the La Boutique Danoise store situated 264 boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, exhibits a selection of the Royal Copenhagen products. 



Plain Teapot

Blue Fluted Plates

Princess Cups

Mega Jug

Mega Souffle Plate

Flora Danica Cup

Christmas Salad Bowl

Elements Plates



All Royal Copenhagen Products

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