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Stelton is one of the most famous Danish design brands in the world. It evokes designers such as Arne Jacobsen or Erik Magnussen, and top products such as the Cylinda-line tableware, or the Stelton thermos flask, the best-selling Stelton product ever.

Nothing predestined the Danish company, Stelton, to such popularity. Its tableware and dinner services in stainless steel at first had mixed success, and its famous gravy dish soon had to face sharp competition from other similar companies. There was no choice but to innovate, and offer new, inimitable products.

This is how the collaboration with one of the most famous Danish architects and designers, Arne Jacobsen started. In 1967, he launched the Cylinda-line, which was an instant success. The collection of Cylinda tableware in stainless steel is characterized by its cylindrical shape and minimalist design, and is made to be just a functional as it is attractive to the eye. It includes a tea and coffee set with a teapot, coffeepot, creamer and sugar bowl, but also other useful elements which fast became classics, such as the ice bucket, salad bowl and ashtray.

A second collaboration with young designer Erik Magnussen began in 1977 after the death of Arne Jacobsen. His first creation was the Stelton thermos flask with its patented rocker stopper, followed later by the oil and petrolium lamps.

Stelton’s company policy today is based on creating ever more innovative and excellent quality products, which is expected of Scandinavian design.

In collaboration with the brand, the “la boutique danoise” store, situated 264 boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, exhibits a selection of their favorite Stelton products.




Stelton Thermos Flask

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