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Design Poul Henningsen pour Louis Poulsen.

THe PH 5 pendant is available in 6 differents hues of colours but also in white.

There are 2 version in white which are the PH 5 classic all in white with a lilac reflector, which is still in production and the modern white all in white with a pink reflector inside.

The PH 5 lamp is designed to be hung at a low height over a table or desk and will produce moderate light for its surroundings. Now a standard in terms of Scandinavian design, the pendant generates warm, cozy, 100% glare-free light. It is available in a range of bright colors which will bring a vibrant, colorful boost to any room.

The system is based on a logarithmic spiral, with the focal point of the light source at the center, thus generating diffuse and glare-free light.


Most of the light is reflected downwards against the aluminium shades, and a smaller percentage is guided towards the sides, lighting up the lamp itself.


Ø 500mm / hauteur 285mm.


Classic (white) with purple anti-glare disc

Modern White with rosepink anti-glare disc

Hues of Blue with red anti-glare disc

Hues of Green with red anti-glare disc

Hues of Grey with rose anti-glare disc

Hues of Orange with blue anti-glare disc

Hues of Red with green anti-glare disc

Hues of Rose with green anti-glare disc  



Shades: Spun aluminium.
Anti-glare disc: spun aluminium.
Struts: coloured aluminium or rolled aluminium.


Weight Max:

2,5 kg.


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