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Charles & Ray Eames design, 1950

Dimensions :
L 62,5 * P 69 * H 67 * HA 33

Base :
legs :
Cross struts in shiny chromed plated steel.

Tilting pads :
Clear maple

Creating a one piece shell of for a chair seating wich could be perfectly adapted to human body, for an optimal comfort, was since a long time a major concern for the designers Charles & Ray Eames, and the matter of their research.
They had improove their experience with chairs threw diferent type of materials such as Alluminium and plywood.
During second world war the army developped a new type of material for their equipement named « Zenaloy », a combination of polyester and fiberglass, the designers decided tu use this plastic thanks to its unique qualities , it is malléable, it has a high degree of flexibility, it is easily transformable to industry and has a nice touch.This material will allow them to reach their goal and create perfect shells ready to mass production.

After beeing presented at the « Low coast and design » contest, organised by the MoMa in 1948.The side chair,shell S, and the plastic chair shell A, are released on market in 1950 and the first plastic chair serie produced ever. The first base will be enriched threw the time and will discover the actual chairs from the DSR (with eiffel-tour base) to the DSW (wooden base) and the RAR (with arms and wood rocker base), between other versions.
Theese iconic chairs and lounge chairs are now produced in Polypropylen plastic, their shells have been slighltly inclined and enhanced of 2 cm for a complete comfort.

The Rar rocking chair shell is offered in 14 different colors, its legs in two versions as well as its tilting pads.

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