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Foster & Partners, John Small design 2009 for Louis Poulsen.

Well-known as one of the most innovative architecture companies, Foster&Partners has successfully managed to showcase its vision of the future through its Louis Poulsen lamps. The luminous F+P 550’s ring, first product of the F+P and Louis Poulsen partnership, generates direct LED light thanks to its two separate parts, harmoniously put together, with a futuristic design, both simple and light.

Its elegant and functional design provides a practical solution when faced with technical restrictions and allows the sources of light to fulfill their primary function: diffusing light.

Even though the light is mainly directed downwards, it is also reflected in such a way as to eliminate glare. A small proportion of the light is injected into a light guide, and softens as it passes through the opal glass, thus creating a discreet transition between the illuminated and non-illuminated areas.

The pendant was originally designed for corporate use, but has now established itself as a functional source of light for everyday use, and can be placed above a low table or desk, in any room with a medium to high celling.

The pendant was chosen to embellish the Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House in Dallas, Texas.


Ø 550mm, H 35mm.


30 LED.


Opal glass shade, anodized brushed aluminium reflector, metallised polycarbonate light guide, and aluminium ring masking the 30 LED light sources.

Weight 4

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