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Poul Henningsen design for Louis Poulsen.

In 2008, for the 50th anniversary of the PH 5 pendant, Louis Poulsen introduced PH 50, a new version of the lamp, available in a selection of new colors. Their exceptional high-gloss finish is due to a new meticulous process, and painting each shade now takes over four hours.

The system is based on a logarithmic spiral, with the focal point of the light source at the center, thus generating diffuse and glare-free light.

Most of the light is reflected downwards against the aluminium shades, and a smaller percentage is guided towards the sides, lighting up the lamp itself.

The PH 50’s red anti-glare disk ensures total elimination of glare, and also creates a warmer tone of light. The red inside cone as well as two small reflectors amplify this effect, while subduing the light in the middle yellow-green region of the spectrum, where the eye is most sensitive. The other sides are painted white, and increase light intensity.


Ø 500mm / hauteur 285mm.


Chili Red, coconut white, mint blue, olive black or wasabi green, lacquered.


Shades: Spun aluminium.
Anti-glare disc: Blue or red, spun aluminium.
Struts: coloured aluminium or purple, rolled aluminium.

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2.5 kg.

Weight 3

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