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Design Christian Troels, 2014

Dimensions :

H. 30 cm

Diam. 8 cm

Mutatio table lamp consists in a steel cylindrical structure and adjustable diffuser which allows a complete control of the light produced within.

By simply rotating the diffuser element, Mutatio has the ability to provide practical illumination when required or transform itself into a pure art object.
An on/off switch comes discretely attached to the cord to allow the lamp to stand freely in its cylinder form.

Mutatio's design is unique by the interplay between its closed and open positions. This transformation of shape is further emphasized by the black matt exterior and the white lacquered gloss inside.
The Mutatio's pure lines and clear function fits well with Le Klint's spirit and aesthetic, since the company was founded in the 40’s.

This transformable table lamp has been elected “lamp of the year” at the Design Awards 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
It will perfectly suit a desktop, rack or other places where space is limited.


Matt black (exterior) and white gloss lacquered (inside)

Power switch on the cord.

Light source:

LED 4 W - E14 ( 200 lumens)

Light bulb incl.

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