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Design Jørgen Rasmussen, 1958.


W 53 * D 50 * H 79 * Seat height: 46 cm

Originally Kevi is an office chair, the danish manufacturer Engelbrechts will lounche a new version in 2016, replacing the wheeled leg (wheel stand) of the office chair with for legs, making it available as a day to day chair, keeping the seat and backseat the same.

Designer Jørgen Rasmussen's first intention was to create a simple, comfortable and timeless chair. kevi consists of 2 similar rounded shells, ergonomically shaped. All fasteners have been voluntarily made visible and participate in its industrial aesthetic, up to the flat steel screw heads that connect the structure to the seat and draw a gracefull geometric design on its seat.

The chair is available in two versions, one with a wooden base, or as here, a metal base adding to its industrial appearance. It is offered in a wide range of wood finishes, but also coated with fabric at choice.


Base: chromed or black powder coated steel

Seat and backseat:oak plywood (natural, black, pink, red, green or blue tainted) or natural walnut plywood

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