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H: 16 cm

Design Piet Hein, 1965.
The Twister vase is based on a mathematical formula which makes it the perfect combinaton between design and science.
Use the Twister vase for flowers, as decoration with or as an alternative bowl for snacks and sweets.
Mix and match different colors and heighs together to create your own decor and personalised your home.

Depending of colors, the vase is made of one to three layers of glass, including an opal coloured on the inside.

It is available in a range of seven beautyful bright or soft colors to fit well and look stylish in any home.


Multi-layers glass.


Clear, opal-white, lime green, red, light blue, purple and black.

Opal inner layer for colours vase models.

Also available:

H: 24 cm

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