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The Oslo Uplight wall lamp was originally a custom lighting solution for an insurance company in Norway.

Particularly suited for the lighting of offices and rooms with computers, the Oslo Uplight lamp provides pleasant indirect ambient lighting. Light filtering through the shades creates a comfortable visual atmosphere, with a soft, non-aggressive feel.

The openings at the bottom of the wall lamp direct the light downwards.

The reflectors contribute to reducing glare, while also directing a small percentage of light towards the ceiling. The combination of indirect lighting and the light emitted between the shades creates a visually pleasing atmosphere.

The Oslo Uplight ceiling lamp was selected by the Klai Juba Architects society for the ambient lighting of the Exclaibur Hotel and Spa, in the United States.


175 mm x 260 mm x 515 mm.


White, wet painted.


Shades: Spun aluminium.
Diffuser:  Frosted, vacuum formed acrylic.
Back plate:  Punched steel.

Light source

33W LED 3000K

2310 lumens

Weight Max
3 kg.

Weight 3

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