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Kurt Nørregaard design

Originally designed for an office in Oslo, Norway, the Oslo Micro ceiling lamp is a versatile lamp which emits a narrow beam of light, directed primarily downwards.  It will brighten up any dull room, and lighten up, with its radiant yet comfortable light, work tables and desks.

The combination of indirect lighting and the direct light emitted between the shades creates a visually pleasing atmosphere.

The reflectors contribute to reducing glare, while also directing a small percentage of light towards the ceiling.

The Oslo Micro ceiling lamp was selected by the Klai Juba Architects society for the ambient lighting of the Exclaibur Hotel and Spa, in the United States.


Ø 160mm / H 50 + 80mm.


White, wet painted.


Shades: Spun steel and aluminium.

Light source

LED 3000 K

Weight Max

0,5 kg.


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