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 Verner Panton design, 1971

The Panthella table lamp, designed in 1971 is one of Verner Panton’s most famous designs. Panthella originally stemmed from the idea of a lamp which shade but also base should both be used as reflectors.

The curved shape of the lamp is characteristic of the Danish designer’s work, who, above all, thought about creating objects with an innovative and futuristic design.The source of light is elegantly hidden behind its hemispherical shade, which emits lovely and soft lighting to diffuse ambient lighting.

The Panthella mini table lamp, samller version than the classic Panthella, is since September 2016 offered a 25 cm diameter, declined in new Poppish colors direcltly drawn from Verner Panton color chart and latest project he made called « light and color ».This one was made of 8 diferent sttings in 8 monochromatic rooms, each in a different color, including yellow, orange, pink, red,violet, blue and 2 shades of green.

Verner Panton’s first idea for the Panthella lamp was to produce them in mettalic finishions and shades, wich for technical reasons was impossible at that time.
This new version is now refering to this first idea and drawings and including it, therefore its declinations come in metallic shade and finish with an aluminium base, except for the « opal white » model coming with an acrylic shade.

It also benefits from the ultimate Led innovations, with a 3 intensities tactile switch.


H 33, 5 * D 25 cm


Spun steel or vacuum formed opal acrylic



Finish :

White opal acrylic or White, Black, Yellow, Violet, Orange, Blue, Red, Blue/green, Pink, Yellow/Green, powder coated.

Mounting :
Led 10 w
3 intensities switch on the cord : low/medium/high.
Separate led driver, plugs into power outlet.

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