CADRAN KOPPEL ( clock, thermometer, hydrometer, barometer )

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Henning Koppel design by Georg Jensen, 1970.

The Danish designer Henning Koppel created this collection in 1970. True pioneer of functionalism, he above all wanted to create produtcs that would be not only practical but also very beautiful. His collaboration with Georg Jensen started in 1946.

The collection of indoors wall pieces includes a clock, barometer, thermometer and hydrometer and perfectly combines quality and simplicity to appeal to everyone.

The design was considered very avant-garde in the 1970s but now looks so modern that it’s hard to believe the items were designed over 40 years ago.

Wall clock:
 This clock just never grows old. Black dots replace the traditional numbers for a contemporary look. The same feature can also be found on the watches by the same designer. Perfect for decorating a kitchen or office.

: Very functional, the Koppel thermometer keeps track of the temperature. Display in Celsius.

: The Koppel hydrometer measures the atmosphere’s humidity with remarkable precision.

: The Koppel barometer precisely measures the atmospheric pressure, allowing you to quite accurately predict the weather.


Black background, white hands and cylindrical frame in stainless steel.

White background, black hands and black cylindrical frame / or stainless steel / or copper.




Pendulum - Réf. 3587594
Barometer - Réf. 3587596
Thermometer - Réf. 3587598
Hydrometer - Réf. 3587600


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