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Hiromichi Konno design for Georg Jensen, 2005.

The Konno cardholder brings elegance to the world of business.

Hiromichi Konno’s CARDHOLDER is intended to simplify the process of exchanging business cards.

Designer Hiromichi Konno had a mission: to make the awkward process of exchanges cards at the end of a meeting smoother. He spent time studying the hand and how the hand and fingers move when a card is removed from its case. Konno then used his observations to create an accessory that allows one to manoeuvre a card in and out of the case with maximum discretion and ease.

The cardholder is rectangular but with a slight curve that accounts for ease when opening and closing the case. There is a magnetic lock that does not affect credit card magnetic strips.

Never before has networking been so smooth.


Silk matt stainless steel, rubber coated plastic


W95 x D60 x H5 mm

Weight 1

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