List of products by brand N.O. MOLLERS

N. O Mollers company was founded in 1944. The Danish furniture manufacturer produces high standards furniture. Internationally recognized for its high-quality wooden chairs wich design is following the scandinavian modern inheritage, the line is flowing, elegant and modernist. Their comfortable seating, in natural rope wich is elegantly braided also contributed to their success. The manufacturer takes great care in the manufacture of each piece, at each stage of it, always turned toward tradition, the furniture is handmade by highly skilled craftsmen.


Niels O Möller design, 1959. The Moller 44 tea trolley is a beautiful wooden table on wheels, perfect for clearing the table after a hearty dinner. Its simple and unpretentious design also means it can be used as a coffee table or as a decorative storage unit, in a living room or dining room. Functional and elegant, it will blend into any type of environment.