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This sleek tripod floor lamp is as much practical than beautiful. The combination of raw material as steel with skilled details such as mat black lacquer, American walnut and brass makes it an essential lighting for a modern or contemporary interior design.

15 days
465,00 €

With its warm, welcoming and bright lighting at the same time, the Flint wall lamp can be placed at any level. It will gracefully and lightly integrate an entrance, a corridor, a staircase as well as in any space requiring soft lighting, inside or outside.

10 to 15 days
319,00 €

By its name The Nap chair evokes every hour of the sitting wich is: "Normal, active, passive", and reflects its ambition to fill these functions. With an ergonomic, aesthetic and lightweight shell it can adapt to both private use and public use, in offices or communities.

In 6 to 8 weeks
3 464,00 €

The PK63 A coffee table has a simple and functional design. Thanks to its timeless modernist line, it can easily fit into any type of space.

In 6 to 8 weeks
9 668,00 €

First version of the famous PK22, The Poul Kjaerholm PK25 easy chair has a transparent and dynamic line, its structure made of a single piece of flat bended steel the incarnation of the designer’s dexterity

In 6 to 8 weeks
568,00 €

The Søborg chair created by the renown Danish designer Børge Morgensen has an elegant line, an aesthetic that combines craft and industrial at the same time, functional and comfortable it can be associated with any kind of table.

6 to 8 weeks
631,00 €

Design Nendo, 2018The NO1 chair was born from the collaboration between Fritz Hansen and the Japanese studio Nendo. This modern chair is a fine example of the fusion of Danish and Japanese aesthetics and purity.

In 6 to 8 weeks
1 542,00 €

Design Arne Jacobsen, 1959 The design of the Pot chair is modern and timeless. It is suitable to both private and public interiors. It is available in a variety of fabrics and leathers.

In 6 to 8 weeks
2 165,00 €

Design Bjarke Ingels in collaboration with KIBISI, 2016.The VIA57 chair has been designed for the VIA 57 WEST building in New York. It fits in a modern lifestyle. It can be positioned individually or with others and will allow you to create an intimate conversation space.

In 6 to 8 weeks
268,00 €

Design GamFratesi, 2013

In 15 days
355,00 €

The Pado coffee table has a sculptural and lightweight design that gracefuly plays with contrasts combining a flowing line with a resistant, stable and durable material, steel.

6 to 8 weeks
265,00 €

Design Simon Legald Form is a functional chair with a simple design. Its polypropylene shell, very ergonomic, is combined with a wooden or steel base. The different materials meet in an elegant way and contribute to accentuate the high quality craftsmanship, leaving the furniture with a clean and simple expression.

In 2 to 4 weeks
6 806,00 €

The simple and beautiful Finn Juhl sideboard from 1955 combines exclusive wood materials with the colors of the Goethe color wheel. The sideboard is made with white / yellow, white / light blue, oak, teak, walnut or Oregon pine sliding doors and matching trays in yellow / red or blue tones.

8 to 10 weeks
375,00 €

Nyt chair, 2018. The design of the Nyt chair is elegant and minimalist, which is why it can adapt to different table models. Its round curves encourage a high comfort.

In 6 to 8 weeks
810,00 €

Seppo Koho design. Designed in wood and entirely handcrafted, the Petite table 4620 lamp will naturally embellish any interior with a contemporary or classic design. The diffused light is dimmed for extra visual comfort.

2 to 4 weeks
290,00 €

Both modern and traditional, colorful yet understated, the TAK chair, easily blends into interiors of all styles, and can either complete a dining room table with elegance, or be used solo in a bedroom or office. Its stability and sturdiness also make it an excellent choice for public spaces such as town halls, hospitals and airports.

6 to 8 weeks
671,00 €

The Cover unit allows multiple use and can find its room in all kind of space.It is offered in a large range of colors (40), between those 6 have a quick ship delivery.

2 to 3 weeks
3 666,00 €

The Swan lounge chair has elegant line associated to a sculptural beauty, created by Arne Jacobsen for the Royal SAS hotel in Copenhagen at first, it is reedited by Fritz Hansen.

6 to 8 weeks
740,00 €

Office Chair with adjustable seat height, seat depth, back height, and seat angle in order to get the perfect sanding for every one.

10 to 15 days
818,00 €

The Kaiser Idell table lamp is part of a serie wich includes pendants, table lamps and wall lamps, it has become an icon between the lightings embodying to its best the Bahaus design.

2 to 3 weeks
651,00 €

The Kaiser Idell table lamp is part of a serie wich includes pendants, floor lamps and wall lamps, it has become an icon between the lightings embodying to its best the Bahaus design.

2 to 3 weeks
556,00 €

The iconic Grand Prix chair created by the famous danish designer Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen won the Grand Prix at the Triennale of Milan in 1957.

2 to 8 weeks
884,00 €

The Ro foot stool is associated to the Ro easy chair,  its seat is made of poluyrethan foam and its design is curved and elegant.

6 to 8 weeks
3 169,00 €

The Ro lounge chair has a high backseat. Its flowing and poetic design brings an indisputable charm and the cushions are made of polyurethan molded  foam for the highest comfort.

6 to 8 weeks
3 310,00 €

The PK 22 lounge chair is an iconic creation of the scandinavian modernist design, its has a graceful and minimalist line. It is one of the leading creation of the designer Poul Kjaerholm, its immediate comercial success and the recognition of the design field professionals,awarded by the Grand Prix of Milan Triennale's in 1957, will definitly ensure the...

6 to 8 weeks
546,00 €

The Wire table lamp has the shape of a classic light bulb, as a nod from its creator wih a prolific imagination, outright master of the color, the danish designer Verner Panton.

10 to 15 days
1 480,00 €

The bookshelves Books are created with a light and contemporary design, they will elegently  incorporate your living-room, office or bedroom.

6 to 8 weeks
683,00 €

Hee Welling design for HAY. The idea behind the About A Chair-collection has been to develop a chair with conspicuous simplicity. This version is especially for offices and work spaces.

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Hee Welling design for HAY. The idea behind the About A Chair-collection has been to develop a chair with conspicuous simplicity. A chair which works just as well around the dining table as around a conference table, in a canteen or at the office.

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