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Alvar Aalto design for Artek, 1932. The curved and organic form of the Paimio 41 armchair was designed for relaxing. Its perfect angle, specifically studied for making the most of the sun rays make it the ideal armchair for a patio, or conservatory. Its wooden design gives it a natural look, and allows it to easily blend into any type of environment.

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The armchair 400, designed by Alvar Aalto and better known as Tank, is one of the absolute milestones in furniture design of the 1900s. Alvar Aalto designed the Tank in 1936 for the Milan Triennale.

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Alvar Aalto design for Artek, 1936.Armchair 406 is robust and comfortable.

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It is one of the most iconic symbols of the 50s in Finland and worldwide. We like the tilt of his case specially designed to offer even more comfort.

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Hans Wegner design for Carl Hansen, 1970. Upholstered armchair for outstanding office with a very confortable seat for a conference table or simply suitable at the desk.

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Hans Wegner design for Carl Hansen. Armchair in solid wood (arms and legs) and veneer (seat and back), which may or may not be realized with seat and back in foam and upholstered in fabric or leather from many choices.

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Hans Wegner design for Calr Hansen. Easy chair with seat and back foam gasket, and stainless steel base. Designed for the Kastrup Airport in 1958. Can stand alone, in groups or in series as a sofa. Well suited for both public spaces and private homes.

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Hans Wegner design for Carl Hansen. Armchair in solid wood with armrest, seat in natural linen.

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Hans Wegner design for Carl Hansen, 1950. Iruna CH25 by Hans Wegner is a very comfortable armchair, perfect for relaxing. It can be placed in a living room, next to a coffee table, or in a corner with a reading lamp. It also looks beautiful as a conservatory armchair, to let you make the most of the sunlight whilst comfortably seated indoors.

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Hans Wegner design for Carl Hansen. Laminated wood chair with cushion in leather or fabric with solid seat and back.

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The Wing or CH445 armchair was designed by Hans Wegner in 1960. Built around a solid beech frame with legs in polished stainless steel. Upholstered in foam and covered with fabric or leather choices.

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Laminated chair, with or without armrest, in birch (low based seat, short legs) and beech (high based seat). The seat is made of plaited linen webbing.

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Laminated chair in birch (seat) and beech (legs). The seat is stretched in strips of linen, headrest in feathers and fabric.

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Chair in laminated beech. The seat is in strips of stretched linen, equipped with headrest in feathers and fabric or leather.

Sous 6 à 8 semaines
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Hans J. Wegner design, 1960. An exceptionally comfortable upholstered easy chair that can be used as a centerpiece in a room or in groups.

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Design Poul M. Volther, 1964. The Corona chair is a 360° swivel chair in fabric or leather. The frame is an alloy of stainless steel and chrome.

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The FK 82 lounge chair was designed by Fabricius and Kastholm in1968. Lounge chair in analin leather with frame in chrome-plated steel.

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FK 87 Grasshopper chair was designed by Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm in 1968. Chaiselong in canvas with loose cushions and neck support in analin leather.

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Design, Grete Jalk, 1963. Easy chair in moulded plywood.

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Borge Mogensen design, 1963. Leather armchair with solid wood frame.

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Designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1944. Rocking Chair entirely in solid wood, with seat in natural woven linen (beige).

Sous 6 à 8 semaines
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Rockingchair in upholstered plywood or ABS plastic (not toxic, antistatic), chromed base.

Sous 6 à 8 semaines
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Hans J. Wegner design, 1950. The flag chair is a comfortable living room chair, which encourages relaxation. As unique as it is extravagant, the chair will quickly become the centerpiece of your living room, and like a true work of art will attract unlimited attention. Its stainless steel frame gives it an industrial look, perfect for modern interiors.

6 to 16 weeks
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Hans J. Wegner design, 1947. The Peacock Chair mainly attracts attention because of its elegant backrest, reminiscent of a peacock’s feathers. The extravagant design is not only beautiful, but also makes the chair extremely comfortable, as it keeps the back perfectly straight. Its spacious seat and large armrests make it the ideal chair for reading,...

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Design, Kaare Klint, 1933. Armchair in solid wood with armrests in leather straps.

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Arne Jacobsen design by Fritz Hansen, 1958. The Egg chair by the famous architect and designer Arne Jacobsen is available in a large choice of colors and materials, to suit any type of interior. The shape of the chair was designed to create an intimate atmosphere for the user, in even the busiest of areas. The Egg is perfect for a large landing, converted...

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Design, Ingmar Relling. Easy chair flexible and lightweight, wood structure and leather cushions on stretched canvas, with a headrest.

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Folding chair by Morten Göttler. Woven seat in cotten girths.

4 to 6 weeks
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Colonial armchair, designed by Ole Wanscher in 1949.

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Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm design, 1968 The beautiful Fabricius easy chair, with its stylish leather cushion, is ideal for classic and sophisticated interiors. Extremely comfortable, it will soon become your favorite choice for all of your moments of relaxation.

2 - 4 weeks
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Made in thick saddle leather this is a beautiful contemporary edition of the famous and popular butterfly chair.

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Niels O. Moller design. Mollers 57 armchair in hardwood with seat in natural paper cord. Available with or without armrests.

Sous 8 à 10 semaines
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Large comfortable armchair all upholsetered - Version with a high back where the head is completly supported on the high part of the back.

6 to 8 weeks
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Design Frits Henningsen, 1954. The Signature Chair deffers from others by its unrivalled comfort. Available with a solid oak or walnut frame with a leather or fabric upholstery, this 1950's classic design provides comfort and elegance through the use of graceful, curved lines.

6 to 8 weeks
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Design, Yngve Ekström, 1956. The Lamino easy chair was designed by Swedese founder Yngve Ektrom in 1956. Epitomising the 1950's "Scandinavian Modern" style, the Lamino Armchair has a refined wooden frame.

6 to 8 weeks
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Design Jasper Morrison & Wataru Kumano, 2014. Lounge chair with minimalist and timeless design. Structure in massif wood, seat and back in natural leather or canvas.

From 6 to 8 weeks
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Design Hans J. Wegner, 1948. Venus chair or GE 1936 is a real cabinet-making and design jewel combining best techniques and wood varieties with a light and pure design.

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Niels O Moller design. Armchair in hardwood with seat in natural paper cord.

Sous 8 à 10 semaines
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Niels O. Moller design. Armchair Mollers 55 chair in hardwood wood with seat in natural paper cord. Available with or without armrests.

Sous 8 à 10 semaines
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Niels O. Moller design. Armchair Mollers 79 chair in hardwood with seat in natural paper cord.

Sous 8 à 10 semaines
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Design byKATO, Minimalist, elegant and comfortable at the same time, The AC2 chair is perfect as a dining or a desk chair. Made of hight quality material, the  Andersen chair shows the beautiful craftsmanship knowledge.

6 to 8 weeks
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The Plywood LCW is a small and lounge chair in molded laminated Ash. It was created by the designers Charles & Ray Eames in 1946. Very light and comrfotable, it posseses curved lines and a the seat is made of shells with an organic design wich is distinguished from the structure with a small recess.

6 to 8 weeks
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The RAR rocking chair, before called "fiberglass rocking chair" design by Charles & Ray Eames in 1950, was created among a plastic shell série with a large range of base, is made of crossed struts legs and wooden tilting pads and a polypropylene tainted shell declined in 14 colors.

6 to 8 weeks
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The PK 22 lounge chair is an iconic creation of the scandinavian modernist design, its has a graceful and minimalist line. It is one of the leading creation of the designer Poul Kjaerholm, its immediate comercial success and the recognition of the design field professionals,awarded by the Grand Prix of Milan Triennale's in 1957, will definitly ensure the...

6 to 8 weeks
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The Fri easy chair has a high comfort for its seat wich is made of poluyrethan foam and the backseat is reinforced, that gives an elegant, graceful and welcoming design.

6 to 8 weeks
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The Fri foot stool is associated to the Fri easy chair and has a high comfort, its seat is made of poluyrethan foam, its design is curved and elegant.

6 to 8 weeks
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The Ro lounge chair has a high backseat. Its flowing and poetic design brings an indisputable charm and the cushions are made of polyurethan molded  foam for the highest comfort.

6 to 8 weeks
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The Ro foot stool is associated to the Ro easy chair,  its seat is made of poluyrethan foam and its design is curved and elegant.

6 to 8 weeks
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