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Floor lamps
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The Kaiser Idell table lamp is part of a serie wich includes pendants, table lamps and wall lamps, it has become an icon between the lightings embodying to its best the Bahaus design.

2 to 3 weeks
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The VL38 created in the 40’s by the renown modernist architect Vihelm Lauritzen and originally designed for the « Radiohuset » in Copenhagen as a table lamp, was used in the recording studios. The model was delevopped in collaboration with Louis Poulsen, and is newly relaunched by the same brand, declined in a serie of three models wich also includes the...

10 to 15 days
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The sleek multifunctional floor/reading tripod lamp is the modern version of the classical reading lamp, in which the light can be directed to where it is needed. It is manufactured in matt black painted steel, American walnut, and with beautiful brass detail.

15 days
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This sleek tripod floor lamp is as much practical than beautiful. The combination of raw material as steel with skilled details such as mat black lacquer, American walnut and brass makes it an essential lighting for a modern or contemporary interior design.

15 days
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Design Aurélien Barbry, 2015.Caché floor lamp combine sleek and contemporary design with the pleated lampshade, LE KLINT's classical DNA.It is produced in Denmark and manufactured in a ultra-high quality craftsmanship.

15 days
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Design Arne Jacobsen, 1929 The AJ2 lamp is available in black or white lacquered.

2 to 4 weeks
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Seppo Koho design. Designed in wood and entirely handcrafted, the Owalo or 7010 floor lamp will embellish any interior with a contemporary or classic style. Placed next to a sofa in a living room or an armchair in a reading area, it will be highly appreciated for its soft and comfortable light. A pleasant and relaxing atmosphere will soon fill the room.

2 to 4 weeks
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Aage Petersen design, 1946. The Klint 349 floor lamp is a functional and elegant lamp with a classic design. The transverse piece is adjustable both lengthwise and vertically for high-quality reading light.

Sous 15 jours
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Aage Petersen design, 1946. The Klint floor lamps are both functional and elegant, with a classic design. More than just lamps they are also strong design elements in their own right. Klint 339 and Klint 351 adapt to every design wish, even though they were primarily created for living room lighting.

Sous 15 jours
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Vilhelm Wohlert design. The Le Klint 325 floor lamp is a functional and elegant lamp with a classic design. The angle of the transverse piece can be adjusted, as well as the height, to produce high-quality reading light. Its simple, minimalist design makes it an easy choice for any interior.

Sous 15 jours
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Verner Panton design, for Louis Poulsen. The Panthella floor lamp diffuses soft and pleasant light, directed mainly downwards. Its organic and smooth appearance contributes to creating a relaxing and homely atmosphere wherever it is placed, in a living room, for reading, or in a bedroom or dining room as ambient lighting. Panthella also exists as a table...

Sous 10 à 15 jours
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Arne Jacobsen design for Louis Poulsen. Today considered an icon of Scandinavian design, the AJ floor lamp stands for elegance and simplicity. It will easily find its place in a living room, next to a sofa or armchair for precise and controlled illumination. Now available in 8 different colors, it will blend into any type of interior.

Sous 10 à 15 jours
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Poul Henningsen design for Louis Poulsen, 1926. The PH 4 ½ - 3 ½ ‘s diffuse light makes it the ideal lamp for living rooms, and can be used to either gently illuminate its surroundings, or as a reading lamp placed next to a sofa or chair.

Sous 10 à 15 jours
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Poul Henningsen design for Louis Poulsen, 1926. The PH 3 ½ - 2 ½ floor lamp, in white opal glass, is both modern and elegant and diffuses soft, glare-free light. Its diffuse light makes it ideal for living rooms, either to gently illuminate the room, or as a reading lamp, placed next to a sofa or chair.

Sous 10 à 15 jours
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Poul Henningsen design, by Louis Poulsen PH 80 floor lamp. The red tint of the top diffusor gives the light a warm and welcoming glow, perfect for lightening up dining rooms or sitting areas, where it can also be used as a reading lamp. Its soft light makes it particularly appreciated in bedrooms.

10 - 15 days
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Harrit- Sørensen and Samson design, 2009. Inspired by nature’s snowdrop flower, the Snowdrop floor lamp, or Perce-neige, combines both high-quality craftsmanship and modern design, to bring a touch of freshness and novelty to your home.

15 days
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