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Biilmann Petersen design, 1948. The Klint 343 table lamp is a functional lamp with a classic design. Its stand in green or blue glass brings colour to the room, while its pleated shade lets out soft, diffuse light and creates a particularly serene atmosphere around it. Can be placed on entry tables, bedside tables, living room tables or desks.

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James Irvine design. The Irvine w082 desk lamp is wonderfully simple. Its minimalist design allows it to fulfill the functions of a lamp, no more, no less. Irvine w082 provides warm white light with a dimmer, and can be used either at home, or at the office.

2 - 4 weeks
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Jean-Marie Massaud design. This elegant desk lamp, with its minimalist design, produces soft, glare-free light, prefect for focusing on work, or reading. The angle of the light is adjustable thanks to its magnetic base, which allows for optimal lighting in every situation.

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Ilse Crawford design. There is a reason why the Studioilse desk lamp has been awarded major design prices. Oddly decorative and very functional, the lamp is ideal for reading or office work lighting. The combination of different materials gives it an elaborate yet unpretentious look.

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Poul Henningsen design, Louis Poulsen collection. The PH 2/1 table lamp can be moved from table to table, desk to desk or shelf to shelf, consistently diffusing a soft and comfortable light, whatever the environment surrounding it. The PH2/1 lamp is therefore the perfect source of ambient lighting, but can also be used to highlight the room’s dimensions.

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Erik Magnussen design for Stelton. The Stelton oil lamp in frosted glass provides beautiful mesmerizing light and encourages relaxation. It can be used outdoors to illuminate garden tables and patios in summer, or indoors to create a warm and friendly atmosphere in winter.

2 - 4 weeks
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Poul Henningsen design for Louis Poulsen. The PH 4/3 table lamp with its simple, timeless design, is the ideal lamp for reading or working under soft, glare-free light. The PH 4/3 will easily blend into any type of environment, both modern and classic.

Sous 10 à 15 jours
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Arne Jacobsen design for Louis Poulsen. Today considered an icon of Scandinavian design, the AJ table lamp stands for elegance and simplicity. It will easily find its place on a desk, table or worktop in any room, for precise and controlled illumination. Now available in 8 different colors, it will blend into any type of interior.

10 to 15 days
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Verner Panton design, for Louis Poulsen. The Panthella table lamp diffuses soft and pleasant light, directed mainly downwards. Its organic and smooth appearance contributes to creating a relaxing and homely atmosphere wherever it is placed, in a living room, for reading, or in an office or bedroom as ambient lighting. Panthella also exists as a floor lamp.

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Poul Henningsen design for Louis Poulsen, 1926. The PH 3/2 table lamp in white opal glass, is both modern and elegant and diffuses soft glare-free light. It looks just as good placed on a low table as it does on a shelf, chest of drawers or desk for high-quality ambient lighting.

Sous 10 à 15 jours
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Seppo Koho design. Designed in wood and entirely handcrafted, the Secto or 4220 table lamp will embellish any interior with a contemporary or classic design. Placed on a table or chest of drawers, it will provide pleasant area lighting. The light diffused is soft and comfortable.

Sous 2 à 4 semaines
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Aage Petersen design, 1970. The Klint table lamp is a functional lamp with a classic design. Its black stand accented with brass details gives it a timeless appeal, and allows it to blend into any type of environment. Its white pleated shade lets out a soft beam. Can be placed on an entrance, bedside or living room table.

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Verner Panton design, 1977. The onion lamp combines quality of light and originality of the structure. It can be placed on the floor, in a staircase or on a table for soft, dimmed lighting. The indirect lighting, diffused between the strips, is harmonious and brings a sense of lightness to the room.

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The nautical-inspired Bollard lamps can be used both indoors and outdoors. They effortlessly create a pleasant maritime atmosphere, thanks to their diffuse light.

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The AJ3 table lamp is available in black lacquered or white lacquered  

2 to 4 weeks
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 Table lamp FlowerPot VP4 comes in 6 colors.Perfect as a bedside lamp but is used as well as work lamp on a desk.  

2 to 4 weeks
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Design Verner Panton, 1969 VP3 Table lamp FlowerPot comes in 10 colors. Perfect as a bedside lamp but is used as well as work lamp on a desk.

2 to 4 weeks
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Table lamp Milk NA1 exists with natural ash legs with wire white or black fabric or black stained ash with a black wire cloth

2 to 4 weeks
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Modern version of the classic architect's work lamp with its two articulated arms by Louis Poulsen with a 10 Watt LED incorporated light source - Simple, functionnal and economic.

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Design Piet Hein, 1931Created after the ancient Egyptian sun god, the RA table lamp, with its curved surfaces and an unexpected feature, was a new way of providing as much regular light as possible without dazzle.

4 weeks
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Design Piet Hein, 1933. FUNCO lamp difuses a soft and comfortable light that can lean towards all directions. Its pure and elegant lines design enhances desks, coffee tables or night tables in any kind of decor.

4 weeks
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Design Aurélien Barbry, 2015. Caché table lamp brings together classical Danish craftsmanship and pure modern lines. Its design and dimensions make it a desk lamp or a side lamp, perfect in a modern or classic interior.

15 days
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Design Christian TroelsSleek. Trendy and minimalist in its shape , Mutatio table lamp will adorn any kind of space and give a dynamic tone to it , Mutatio also allows you to control the intensity and direction of the focused light. 

15 days
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Produced by Danish manufacturer Le Klint, the Carronade table lamp is the first model of that sleek and functional series. Its cannon shaped diffusor rests on a smooth wooden base, aided by small brass discs on either side that anabling to change the light direction.

4 weeks
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PH 3½-2½ table lamp, design Poul Henningsen.

2 to 4 weeks
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Verner Panton Design, 1971 Panthella mini table lamp, is a new version of the classic Panthella, its diameter is 25 cm, with a new finish in a wide range of metalic Poppish shades directly drawn from the specter Verner Panton had selected.The Panthella table lamp diffuses a soft and pleasant light, directed mainly downwards. Its smooth appearance...

10 to 15 days
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The VL38 created in the 40’s by the renown modernist architect Vihelm Lauritzen and originally designed for the « Radiohuset » in Copenhagen, was used in the recording studios. The model was delevopped in collaboration with Louis Poulsen, and is newly relaunched by the same brand, declined in a serie of three models wich also includes a floor lamp and a...

10 to 15 days
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The Wire table lamp has the shape of a classic light bulb, as a nod from its creator wih a prolific imagination, outright master of the color, the danish designer Verner Panton.

10 to 15 days
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The Kaiser Idell table lamp is part of a serie wich includes pendants, floor lamps and wall lamps, it has become an icon between the lightings embodying to its best the Bahaus design.

2 to 3 weeks
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Seppo Koho design. Designed in wood and entirely handcrafted, the Petite table 4620 lamp will naturally embellish any interior with a contemporary or classic design. The diffused light is dimmed for extra visual comfort.

2 to 4 weeks
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Design GamFratesi, 2013 The Suspence Nomad is part of the Suspence collection of lights. This lamp has a silicone handle at the top of the shade that allows the user to move it easily from one place to another (living room, stairs, terrace, etc ...).

In 15 days
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Practical and original the Cesta lamp can be placed on any level, on a table, sideboard or on the floor in the corner of a room.

In 10 to 15 days
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