List of products by brand FREDERICIA

Fredericia established in 1911 first as Fredericia Stolefabrik (Fredericia chair factory) by N.B Ravsnø.The

danish entrpreneur wanted his fabric to be recognised for the extreme quality of its materials andits skills, therefore he employed the best craftsmen.Rapidly Fredericia Stolefabrik came to be renown for its high quality furnitures within all kind of line. Although N.B Ravsnø died in 1936, the Ravsnø family ran Fredericia stolefabrik till 1955.

In 1940, Børge Morgensen led with the help of his friend the designer Hans J. Wegner a wide programm throughout the Danish Coop FDB to renew Danish furniture culture and create modern, functional and useful furrniture, affordable for all kind of social class. There he met the interior Architect Andreas Graversen, who would become Fredericias CEO some years later and the premices of a two decades collaboration.
1952 discovered their first collection collection with a steel- framed lounge furniture, designed together with a house collection for Søborg Møbelfabrik.

Andreas Graversen Buys Frederia Stolefabrik in 1955 under the condition to restructure the production in pair with Børge Morgensen wich he admired and loved the spontaneous design, the designer becomes the house main designer. Although the businessman and designer had a tempestuous relation and often disagreed, they had nourished a strong friendship and a mutual respect, they also agreed that furniture aesthetically pleasing could be produced in rationalised industrial production and should respond to an everyday use and last.
Many other models will come to be the succesful fruit of this collaboration, the Iconic sofa model 201 in 1955, the 3236 chair 1956, the Spanish chair 1958 , the 2213 sofa in 1962.Some years later Børge Morgensen will design Andreas Graversen s house as well as his own summer residency as he use the houses as design laboratorys.
He died in 1972, leaving a great legacy.

After Peter Morgensen, Søren Holst will come to be the first designer and though he follows Morgensen's lines, he will give space for new paths. Hans Wegner will also come to colaborate with Fredericia in the late 80, but a main collaboration is to come while the son of Andreas Graversen, Thomas Graversen, involves in the factory in the 90’s. He starts working with « The » Iconic danish woman designer Nanna Ditzel, and gives Fredericia's design a new direction.First with a « Bench for Two » an avant-garde design, then with the Trinidad chair that becomes an huge success. They will recieve Denmark’s highest honor price for industrial design. Thomas Graversen becomes Fredericia’s CEO the same year, and Nanna Ditzel Fredericia’s house designer two years later.

Within years after Fredericia will come to collaborate with a variety of designer and direction of lines : Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, Vico Magistretti with the Mobi chair, Thomas Pedrsen with Stringway, Cecile Manz with Mikado, Alfredo Häberli with Aki, Shin Azumi with Ara, Jasper Morrison with Pon stool, Welling/ ludwik with Pato between those. In 2008 Fredericia open its first showroom in Japan and in 2012 its flagship store in the Nørreport neighbourhood of Copenhagen.