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Christian Flindt design, 2018


Ø 20 cm * P 8 cm
Ø 30 cm * P 8 cm
Ø 40 cm * P 8 cm

The Flindt elliptical wall light has an original, innovative and multidirectional lighting. The light bulb placed at the front top, illuminates from an opening the lamp surface downwards, in a smooth and progressive way, accentuating its elliptical appearance.While perforated at the back, the light also illuminates the wall creating a halo of light surrounding it.

Flindt allows a sculptural and perfect mastery of the light, its two overlapping ovals recalling an ellipse, light and shadow at the same time. While generating a very pleasing light.

The Flindt wall light is available in 3 sizes and 3 different finishes.


Die casted aluminum and injection molded acrylic.

Finishes: Aluminum coloured, white or corten coloured

Light source:

Incorporated Led:

Ø 20 cm, 10 w (430 lm)
Ø 30 cm, 16 w (704 lm)
Ø 40 cm, 20 w (1060 lm)

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